Monday, September 9, 2013

his first day of Preschool

My baby has started Preschool. Last Tuesday, I dropped him off at his all-day preschool trying hard to hold back the tears. I knew he would be excited and totally into all the activities once we left and he got settled, but saying bye was hard "cause I no like you weave!" The last several months, Cooper no likes anyone leaving. ;)

He was happy to put his new "school blankie" from Rassie in his very own locker/cubby. The blue Buzz and Woody backpack that he's carrying is the same one that his brother had for his first day of Preschool/daycare.

After we picked Cooper up after school on Day 1 and asked him how his first day at Preschool went, he said, "I no like!" When we asked him why, he responded (with his right hand pointer finger up in the air), "Cause da teacher told me Shhh!" hahaha! Love love.

He is actually doing very well and the teachers say he is having a blast...after the first few minutes of drop off that is. :) One of my favorite parts at the end of the day is when I walk back into his classroom and he gets this huge grin on his face and runs into my arms. I LOVE that he is so happy to see me and doesn't want to let go of me until we get to the car (where his blankie and "B" are waiting for him! ha!).


valerie said...

How precious!

The Warf Stories said...

Silas is going through the same phase.... He has a complete meltdown any time I leave him.... and get this: bruce can take him and he is fine! ha. oh well. boys love their mamas:-)
Miss you!!